The first step is to balance the raw tracks, EQ, Compression and then – all the bells and whistles that goes with a commercially acceptable track. 

Note: If you have any ideas for a specific sound and/or effects – we can discuss that before mixing.

Yes, there is a possibility to add additional sounds to make your track stand out even more powerful.

(i.e. Additional Drum Samples, Synths, Vocal chops, Bass, etc.)

Note: only if both parties agree and it is not “overproducing” the track.

The best way is to send individual WAV files (24-bit) without any effects applied and with all tracks starting at 00:00:00.

Alternatively, you can archive the whole session file and send it to us.

Once you have the files ready, we will send you a link where you can upload the session.

Your song will match the loudness of commercial releases. You can also receive an unmastered version if you wish.

ALBUMS & EP's (MixedByDOT)

"DOT. You Have to Start from Somewhere" (2018)
"Hyperspace EP" (2017)
"Afterall EP" (2017)


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