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As musicians and producers, we understand that recording and producing a song is only one part of the journey. To stream it worldwide via iTunes, Spotify, Tidal or any other platform, you need a powerful and exciting mix that brings out your best.  Independent artist music should get as much more attention and we strongly believe that we can help you. 

Our styles ranges from Hip-Hop, Funk & RnB, Jazz to Indie & Electronic music. Any experimental tracks are also welcome.


 Mixing is the process of balancing individual tracks to create a cohesive sounding song. One where you can hear all the parts clearly and the vocal is easy to understand. Mixing can take a great recording and make it sound full and professional like what one would hear on the radio.

The best way is to send individual WAV files (24-bit) without any effects applied and with all tracks starting at 00:00:00.
Alternatively, you can archive the whole session file and send it to us.
Once you have the files ready, we will send you a link where you can upload the session.
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"DOT. You Have to Start from Somewhere" (2018)
"Hyperspace" (2017)
"Afterall" (2017)


“We had an opportunity working with them and it was really awesome. Friendly and on point. They helped us mix & master a few of our singles and we’re very happy with the result!”
“Love it! You guys helped me to produced and mix one of my singles “Afterlife” and the song became my first music video. I’m really looking forward to working with them again in the future!”
“We had a live band recording session of "Slow Down" in a Church and we wanted to make the track sound more clean and precise for the the official release. Loved how you made us sound! ”
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